1. Monster Ballet
    For the first time ever, human beings of all ages have a chance to witness the Monster Ballet. It is a rare spectacle indeed, for only one night a year do the monsters dare be so bold. So if you're brave enough, come along and enjoy the show with me! Monster Ballet is a fun rhyming story with a unique, interactive ending. It makes for a very memorable read aloud. See video links below. Children's Picture Book Ages 3-7 Chaplain Publishing
  2. Leprechauns, Unicorns, & Mark Kurrian
    Max always knew there was something strange about Mark Kurrian, something very special. And when Max's mother is on her deathbed, Mark Kurrian soon becomes much more than just a friend. Kurrian becomes a guide, leading Max on a remarkable quest into the land of Serenium. There they seek a unicorn horn that alone can heal Max's mother. Yet their task will not be easy as the wicked ruler, Kedron Lorcan, now reigns over Serenium. Their journey becomes more terrifying and adventurous with each step as they battle a host of Serenium's hideous beasts and creatures of the land and seas. Enter into the world of Mark Kurrian. Enter Serenium! Serenium Series (Part 1 of 5) Ages 9-13, 277 pages
  3. Pirates, Goblins, & Peg-Leg Bill
    Prepare for another adventure across Serenium as you follow the rise of Peg-Leg Bill, from his escapades as a humble sailor to a notorious pirate. Discover his incredible life’s journey filled with tragedy and treachery, rage and regret. Yet, somehow amidst it all, thrives a profound love. Join Peg-Leg Bill and his ruthless band of pirates as they embark on unbelievable voyages to perilous lands, seeking untold treasure…and encountering untold dangers. But ye be warned, for in Serenium, surely even the seas be alive! Serenium Series (Part 2 of 5) Chaplain Publishing Ages 10-14, 333 Pages
  4. Basic Sentences To Essays: A Quick & Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Teach Students To Write Well
    This ebook makes it simple, quick, and effective for anyone to teach writing skills and provides easy methods for students to use in the writing process. - Use and recognize parts of speech - Write outstanding basic to complex sentences - Write organized, clear paragraphs to flourishing essays - Unique strategies to catch run-ons and fix fragments - One-of-a-kind tips to help students with subject/verb agreement - Ensure students answer all parts of short answer questions - Amazing bonus projects & classroom management resources - Worksheets, editing checklists, writing organizers, and more!! Grades K-6 210 Pages, PDF for easy download and printing (Not all pages need to print)
  5. Cornell's Class Math Notes
    Cornells Class Math Notes consist of note template organizers that I designed for my students. These are very unique and professional 70 page math organizer booklets so each student is set for the year. - The blue booklet is for upper elementary grades and up. - The green booklet is for lower elementary grades, SDC, and intervention - The gray booklet is my problem solving organizer for 3rd grade and up These are only $5.00 each with $0.50 from every booklet going back to your school! If you think this is a fundraising opportunity your school and parents/guardians would be interested in, watch the video below for more details, inside views, and the ordering process.

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